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10 Things You Must Experience when you are in Australia

Famous for Kangaroos, Koala bears and superlative cricketers, Australia is a tourist’s paradise. From mountains to cliffs, from rocky shores to long shorelines, from gorgeous beaches to lush forests, Australia truly offers something special to every tourist who visits the place. 

Being a popular tourist destination, Australia also offers you a plethora of options when it comes to accommodation. From luxurious and plush resorts to deluxe hotels, there is something for everybody when you are visiting Australia. If you want a truly comfortable stay, you can opt for the Australian vacation rentals

Australia offers a lot, as mentioned above, in terms of a travelling experience. 

Here is a list of the most exciting 10 things you can do while you are in Australia.  

Travel Around in your Own Personal Yacht

Australia gives you an opportunity to sail through the pristine waters around the Whitsunday Islands. The Islands consist of around 70 islands, almost 69 of which are uninhabited. There are boats which you can hire and subsequently stock up with provisions and set out on the journey to explore the virgin landscapes around the island. There are also companies which will follow you up through your journey through radio communication after providing you with the collaterals. This piece of excitement is surprisingly not way too expensive as the pricing starts around Australian dollars 365 onwards. 

Experience a rail journey throughout the continent

The set route of this journey is from Darwin to Adelaide. The Ghan offers a beautiful ride through the continent in just three days and even gives whistle-stop tours in Katherine and Alice Spring. Though the budget is on the heavier side, this is a journey through picturesque locales that you simply cannot miss out on. 

Get Wowed by the Pinnacles

Around 150 miles north of Perth lies the majestic Pinnacles Desert, where the limestone pillars look fascinatingly similar to extra-terrestrial tombstones. The enclosure is adorned with breathtaking white beaches, exquisite flora and fauna and excellent fishing opportunities. You can put up in the nearby village of Cervantes and the whole of the turquoise coast, Western Australia is a place you should experience as a journey. 

Pass out into a Food Coma in Tasmania

The good way to life is through travelling and eating and both this amalgamate beautifully into an easy road trip through Tasmania. From the Farm Gate Market to the Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed, from the exotic Belgian dark chocolates at the House of Anvers to the sumptuous triple cream brie at Wicked Cheese, indulge in a gastronomical adventure consisting of delectable food and drinks while you journey through Tasmania. 

Experience Fireworks Galore at the Sydney Harbour

The New Year is probably the most popular time of embarking on a vacation for travellers around the world and the destinations always invariably have something special to offer during the holiday season. One of the most celebratory sights in the world is perhaps the fireworks show that happens across the Sydney Harbour on the New Years Eve. Australia is one of the first places where the New Year comes in early and the spectacular show of fireworks that can be spotted throughout the Sydney sky is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Get on the Kimberley Cruise

One of the best ways to traverse through the intense wilderness of the Kimberley is through a cruise. Secluded sandy beaches, exquisite wildlife, lush waterfalls, gorges and rivers make the Kimberley one of the most non-tourist infested places in the world and you would want to explore every inch of the place.

Experience Gold Coast Delights

The theme parks in the Gold Coast are filled with thrilling and exciting rides, water slides as well as wildlife. This place is something that should be in your itinerary when you decide to visit Australia. 

Get a Romantic Dinner Under the stars at Uluru

It is one of the most intimate experiences that you and your partner can share. The Tali Wiru, which operates around 3-4 times per week offers you a unique opportunity to feast while sitting upon a sand tune while you watch over the picturesque Uluru. If you are on a romantic vacation or a honeymoon, please gift yourself and your partner with this enchanting dinner. 

Dive in with the Sharks at Port Lincoln   

Are you an adventurous person? Then this should definitely be an experience of a lifetime for you. Around 43 kilometres from Port Lincoln, Neptune Islands gives you the opportunity to undertake underwater shark tours for a day with a proper safety measure. 

Do Some Turtle Spotting in the Queensland

The exquisite wildlife of Australia is a thing to discover in itself on a different trip altogether. If you are an out and out nature lover, then never pass up on the opportunity of spotting marine turtle nests in the Mon Repos Conservation Park around Queensland. It Is totally a magical sight to watch mother turtles hatch baby turtles as they take their first step towards the sea. If you are an animal lover, you would probably never forget this part of the trip throughout your lifetime. 

There are also a lot of other things that you must experience in the land down under. From drift snorkelling through a rainforest through the clean waters of the Mossman River, to skiing through the slopes of the Fall Creek, Australia is full of magical experiences only waiting to be explored. 

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